Back in the Spring of 2000 Sonia Dada gathered at the studio and played some songs acoustically and sent 'em out live over the website.

We recently stumbled upon a remnant from those two webcast dates, April and May, 2000.

I remember we were pretty comfortable with the live webcast process on the second occasion, and had a bit of fun while doing it. Along with Dan, Phil was there on acoustic guitar. Larry Beers and Hank both were there, on drums and percussion, and Jim Gailloretto played some sax and if memory serves, I think Brian Wilke might've played electric guitar on "I've Been Lonely..."   Ron Schwartz, played keys, Ivan Neville guested on "Never See Me Again". Mike, Paris, and Shawn did their thing, and I did mine. Sam even stopped by for a bit, Scott Steiner recorded it all.

Rather than edit out the informal banter between songs, we pretty much just let the recording run, keeping whatever was going on between songs, including a rare vocal performance by Henry on a spontaneous bit of musical rambling un-played before that day, and never attempted since....I mean some things cannot (should not) be duplicated.

So we let about 40 some minutes (nine songs) run, and we're making them available for download from this site. We did this back before Christmas in 2000, thinking to make an album package or something for the website. Then touring and recording took over our time, and we put what we had in the root cellar and forgot about it. Can't find any more of the stuff from then, just this 40-some minutes, but it's an entertaining snapshot, and we hope some of you folks will enjoy sounds like we did.

Erik (Eski)

Ain't Life For The Living ~ 3:30
(Dan Pritzker/Sic Pig Songs)

Screaming John ~ 4:40
(Dan Pritzker/Sic Pig Songs; Dave Resnik/ Rezmusic; Erik /Scott/Hened Music)

Get To You ~ 2:48
(Dan Pritzker/Sic Pig Songs)

Planes and Satellites ~ 4:09
(Dan Pritzker/Sic Pig Songs; David Resnik/ Rezmusic)

Never See Me Again ~ 5:43
(Dan Pritzker/Sic Pig Songs; Erik Scott/Hened Music; David Resnik/Blue Rhythm Music)

Car Horn Boogie (The Rabbit & the Bear) ~ 1:01
(Impromptu jam)

Amazing Jane ~ 7:33
(Dan Pritzker/Sic Pig Songs)

Wishing Tree ~ 2:57
(Dan Pritzker/Sic Pig Songs)

I've Been Lonely For So Long ~ 4:01
(Posie Knight/Irving Music, Jerry Weaver/Sony ATV)

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